Plico Biotech

We are innovating how we treat incurable disorders such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Huntington, other forms of Dementia and even Cancer and Type II Diabetes.

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The Team

The founders of Plico Biotech have expertise in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, nueroscience and medicine. This diverse and broad background has allowed them to define a new strategy to drug discovery.

Our approach to drug discovery

Recent failures in clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies have highlighted the need to rethink the pharmacological strategies against neurodegenerative disorders. At Plico Biotech we decided to go back to the basis to design new drugs.

Where does the name Plico come from?

Plico derives from the Latin plicare, which means “to fold”. The proteins that we study all have the ability to fold on themselves, forming a stack of molecules. Plico Biotech is named after this feature.

Plico Biotech Laboratories Location

Plico Biotech was incorporated in the US and it conducts research in the US and in its laboratories in Milan, Italy.

The ultimate goal of Plico Biotech: produce a new line of medications to treat an array of disorders that involve protein aggregation.